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What Do I Write About

Okay, on my marks get set only ten minutes to write about anything. Anything, my mind has been awaken to since 2:30 am this morning. I have already spent an almost eight-hour day fulfilling it moment by moment with vitality. The morning ritual always begins with a morning meditation. It creates the turning points of my day and I get to see how well I am paying attention to what it is I am co-creating. There is a BIG vast world and slowly but surely I am beginning to open myself completely trusting it. I look forward to what is unfolding and manifesting into a world I wander and see as perplex at times. Though, I am only seeing the world as I am perceiving it because no one else gets to enter it unless they are invited. Yet, what the Universe does allow for me is to stay open as long as I can to enter into the realm where the work needs to be done and get hopping to it. I believe this is the best part about blogging, it allows me to co-create the world in which is welcoming me to be all I can be and share the love among like-minded others. I have much to be thankful for such indulgence to have such a taste of what its like to be awaken by 2:30 am to be needed by others and to answer their calling by inviting them in and rest find the peace, love, joy and care they are asking. Well, ten minutes are up. Peace!


Blogging 101: Say Your Name

Saying my name Nina is quite uplifting and inspiring because I always said my mom picked a great name. It’s sweet, with only four letters and it’s me. When I was growing up and still till this day; people like to ask me its spelling and how it’s pronounced, as in Neena, or Nina with a long I pronounced with a long vowel sound; if I remembered my English grammar correctly. It’s N I N A; I believe I was named after a movie star, Nina Foch. Again most people have asked whether I was named after Nina Simone, whose music I do love, as her rhapsody voice belts out “I’m Feeling Good”. She has clarified each time I hear this particular song how important it is I do feel good about; for example, my name.

I had a few childhood quirky names as well like,” Ninor Beanor “or Nina May pronounced with the long I sound, since someone goofed and announced it incorrectly at a softball game. This made my childhood friends crack jokes and laughter by the mispronunciation, so I became entitled “Nina May; Queen for a Day”. It was cute and funny as well and the name stuck with me; usually when I return to my childhood home, someone is willing to call me Nina( with a long I sound) May. The years have passed ,as I’ve become a grandmother who’s named by her granddaughter’s Nani; which means grandmother in some cultures. Although, I looked it up to see the Italian meaning is a runt. I am no runt, standing at a healthy six-foot one and a half and a little over one hundred seventy pounds. Then, again I like the Hawaiian original meaning which is beauty or beautiful. Ah, much better! I mean I want to like my name and definitely its meaning somewhat realistic as to whom I am. Of course, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which is me. Another reason, why I like my name as I grown wiser I am beginning to see what truly does not define me.Though, it is recognizing the things I do feel beautiful about whether it’s in my name or not; it’s appreciating and being grateful for being present to who is Nina and her life’s purpose.

I like to summarize saying my name has given me more than one reason saying, being uplifting and inspiring. I love the fact, I am a female and my name gives me the chance to explore my femininity. Also, the female who appreciates the little girl as well as her Goddess side. I can be bold, playful, loveable, sorceress, temptress, opening myself to my feminine side as well as my masculine side. But, I am all woman, and I enjoy exploring who I am, being my best friend and sharing my name when it is said or requested. It brings such a graceful air, filling my self-confidence and worthiness, knowing I’ve made a difference to some one else who says my name. I love it, and wherever I am,  with whoever I’m being Nina. I hope whatever I am doing is bringing much joy, peace and love is how I say Nina.

What’s to become of Me

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