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Expectations and Attachments

Expectations and attachments are two words I realize I have held onto towards myself and others. I really hadn’t given it much thought until I recently realized they both go hand in hand. Quite the metamorphosis, though, recognizing the grasping or holding onto, succumbing, or even at times clenching or clinging to the expectations or attachments. Regardless, an intention is being made when the expectations or attachments become either a tie or bond ,which can also be liberated or freed. Once, the expectations or attachments agreed and/or  disagreed upon usually symbolize or signal an inner hidden need. What intent is behind the expectations or attachments, once the course or motive has been taken? Do the expectations or attachments signify a means to an end for one as to another? Could the intent be a direct force into wanting approval or acknowledgement of its true motive? Does the intent seal or amend what is within its intention as “an eye for an eye”, or ” a tooth for a tooth”, and behold what is truly within its intent only matters as a contract, or, a done deal? What communes the intent’s union within the expectations or attachments or breaks a barrier? Will reverence be a means to the outcome, and not be attached, or to expect anything? Instead, whatever could become expected or attached to the outcome; relax and release it within its own accord. Allow the freedom of its own flow remain open within the vastitude of its course.  Perhaps, upon the moment the expectations or attachments took this course; were they recognized as they are not invincible, but invisible at times reckoning the truth? What happens to the intention ? Does it become forgotten, or, was it an under-minded hidden agenda? Do the expectations or attachments intend on becoming reasons to forever hold onto or control what’s to become the course’s outcome, not ever allowing or setting its own free will? Whatever was intended may no longer serve its purpose, but stunts its growth.  Unless, the expectations become the unexpected and the attachments become detached. The two are nothing more or less than an act which could be willingly surrendered, or suffered through the uncertainty, the unknown, but,can become mindful of the intent behind the expectations or attachments of its outcome. The intent whispers just let them go!


I Accept this Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Yes, I accept this award because I was thrilled and excited someone other than myself enjoyed and honored what I thought of my writings or postings. Well, to tell the truth after I accepted, I started thinking what genuinely is the purpose of my writing? Hmmm, I’ve been contemplating back and forth on this question for the pass several weeks. What makes me or any other writer a good, average, great, superior or even a bad writer? Then, it hits me again;  my perspective on what I and only I whom believes a writer’s work worth is to my praising. My perception or introspection allows just me to see my or any other writer’s work only in my perspective. Because, I believe I am totally mirroring what I want being created and accepted as a writer. So, if I believe in my writing then why am I so afraid to accept a nomination such as “One Lovely Blog Award”? I will tell you why, because those nasty little demons pop up just like on our computers as being blocked images trying to stop me from going ahead and taking a risk. I know I have every” write” like any other writer to write what inspires and resonates within me; whether it makes sense or not to anyone else. Though, it must be written for my sake to move forward instead of stagnating over my thoughts, if, it’s good enough or not. I will not ever know if I will not keep writing. So, I accept the good like this “Lovely Blog Award” as well as the rejection. “Sorry, your work is not what we are looking for”. No matter, through the highs and lows; I, being a writer must not resist being true to myself what connects for me to write. I create the voice meant to be heard; but, I keep waiting and wondering whom will the bell tow, my writer’s voice ring, my hard written work endeavors lure ? Will it be a publisher, a writer’s fellowship or winning a poetry contest? These are the long sufferings I endure as a writer. I accept “One Lovely Blog Award”, because my fellow follower(s) find something worthwhile in me to say” ah, gee she deserves this award”,  maybe because I make sense. I believe there is a we relating as writers, sisters, brothers, camaraderie as well as colleagues. I accept this award; perhaps, my writing will have sparked another chord within me I have yearn to create not suffocate.

The rules for accepting this award are:
1) Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
2) List the Rules and Display the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog.
3) Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
4) Nominate around 15 other bloggers and let them know about the award
5) Follow the blogger who nominated you (if not already!)

The 7 things or stuff about myself:

1. I’m a vegetarian and I love to creatively cook as well as eat.

2. I love being out in Nature; it surrounds me with such serenity and harmony.

3. I am a Yogini

4. Loving from my heart and soul; is the greatest gift from the Universe.

5. I love connecting with like-minded others.

6. I believe making a difference evolves and expands within me.

7. I believe in affirmations; There is nothing impossible within the infinite possibilities

I know there are several nominees I would like to see this award go to as well as many others please feel free to write a comment.

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I know without every writer allowing us all to become writers as One. I would not be able to accept this award, because it is not the recognition, but what becomes of its creation which I believe becomes an evolution!


“The most important things are the hardest to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them — words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no more than living size when they’re brought out. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? The most important things lie too close to wherever your secret heart is buried, like landmarks to a treasure your enemies would love to steal away. And you may make revelations that cost you dearly only to have people look at you in a funny way, not understanding what you’ve said at all, or why you thought it was so important that you almost cried while you were saying it. That’s the worst, I think. When the secret stays locked within not for want of a tellar but for want of an understanding ear.”
Stephen King, Different Seasons

May The Wind Always Carry

I sense a consciousness aligning our thoughts, words, feelings and expressions into a global catalyst. Perhaps, I am needing to release it to clear the air and space to heal our hearts, minds and souls. A convention or gathering of like-mindedness being true to our selves and what is yet to unfold. This morning I am needing to be One as I am within this realm to appreciate and connect with this never-ending evolving door.

May the Wind Always Carry

May the wind always carry our unheard whispers

to the unknown space; uprising, through the window of our very own souls

penetrating, bursting, soaring beyond their catalyst

Awaits a mystery; not hesitant to escape what behind its gates

Breathes a Dragon’s fire, flames fuse a spiraling cosmic coil

Boomerangs a jagged spinning wheel; retrograded cosmic third eye

As consciousness lifts, heralds radiant light; pure perfection offers a phenomenal world

Where no man dare seek, no man shall become the owner of his/her very own soul

The wind carries us further beyond our catalyst space

Who Am I and Why Am I here?

Who am I and Why am I here? reminds me exactly the very same question I keep asking myself day in and day out. However, asking this question seems to be taking me to a deeper dive into knowing myself. The more I ponder on this question; I am becoming focus, self-assured and open to the many possibilities which could manifest. I am here writing, because it brings my true self out in the open instead of hiding behind the superficial being who has no idea why she is working for a retail corporation except to pay her bills. This is fine temporarily, because I know within my heart that there is a bigger picture and I want to be able to continue manifesting what is to become fulfilled. I believe who I am is the individual who is now listening to her calling and when I say her “calling”. I mean it, by paying attention to what allows my heart to feel good expressing it, and my mind clear with the intention my soul is naturally guiding me wholeheartedly. There is nothing I find more profound than finding the beauty in things uplifting, resonating and soothing for me to be excited, enthused and evolved by loving it. Yes, this is a good thing, because it now brings me to another level knowing who I am and it is giving me great pleasure in getting to observe why I am here. Although, it’s never ending; this will infinitely be a life spanning evolution as to who am I. will always be under the microscope of paying attention to knowing thyself ,and standing firmly on being who I am, with great gratitude for the gift. It’s why I am here is getting to figure it out and I get to do it. I”m taking the grand stand, the attention is on me and I can be as I am the very best. I can present myself as a writer the moment I take pen to paper ,or thoughts to words to feelings to expressing, why I am here is who I am as myself.

Contemplative Thoughts

A good day of reflection starts how it’s honored. For instance, an early morning ritual may start as a morning meditation, yoga or getting a few thoughts, words and feelings written before going out into the world. Perhaps, there may be a pause for a moment, wondering what will be in the world and not of it, and a quick prayer asking a spiritual guide’s assistance in being useful throughout the day. Off into the world one goes noting everything and everyone maybe with some curious and contemplative thoughts on what matters to one, may not matter to another. Though, knowing one thing for sure what matters most to one is or is not as important to another. It doesn’t change the fact how one sees their self within their surrounding and what it looks like to them. Whether it’s being within an early morning ritual, capturing a sunrise, watching a flock of geese fly overhead, or commuting to work by bike. It’s the timing and believing with everything and everyone, aligning and getting one’s attention to the reality within their moment, and connecting with their message. A call to a mindful awakening or awareness which enchants or resonates with one’s magical moment. There are no coincidences; everything and everyone has a reason to be where they are meant to be when the moment becomes their ” aha” moment and it crystal clear. A realization one connects, honors and recognizes the many splendors life signs, communicates, blesses us in giving our gifts.

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The Art of Passionate Growth

When was the last time did you think about what are your passions? I’ve taken a self inventory with this thought; since I came across a book written on this very subject by authors Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood; “The Passion Test”. They made it very simple by giving a test for anyone wanting to discover their passions to help lead them to their life’s purpose. So, I took the test and I am writing a blog which is my first time ever trying to write one. I felt it is time I took the plunge and work on unveiling and seeing what self discoveries and artistic abilities determine my becoming a successful writer. My being a successful writer is not about the monetary rewards. Although, it would be great to reap the rewards after a few attempts to be recognized instead of being rejected for some efforts of my thoughts. This is the point I am accepting and not disappointing myself by letting others responses or not responding to what I am trying to communicate as a writer. It is about me discovering the undeveloped skills that will give me the ability to unleash my heartfelt passions naturally unfolding to success. Yes, the one thing I am discovering and am encouraging myself or anyone else is to take a risk on what you like to do and doing it makes your heart sing. Regardless, if it becomes a masterpiece or not; go ahead and do it and follow it to where it floats you. This I note and advise taking inventory; if it’s not for me or you than why do it? It has to be a 100% bona fide you. This I believe will lead to any success or maybe not by allowing others or even one’s self define success. The beauty is having the ability to refine one’s self and getting to see and know what that one thing is recognized as being not only good for yourself but your whole being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Also,I have discovered it’s an art revealing those passions kept dormant. I have been leaking bits and pieces of them for the past fifty-five years which has had me in a constant whirlwind of repeated lessons. It’s because I was afraid to release my true self regarding and playing it safe among others. Now, I know I cannot any longer be untrue to myself because for my success to flourish I needed to “let go” of the stuff that kept me from being and growing with my passionate self. Everyday I get to renew and rediscover what inspires me passionately to create as a writer,which is a success within its own merit. This is why I question anyone who is reading this blog; When was it the last time you thought about your passions guiding you?