Expectations and Attachments

by missndc

Expectations and attachments are two words I realize I have held onto towards myself and others. I really hadn’t given it much thought until I recently realized they both go hand in hand. Quite the metamorphosis, though, recognizing the grasping or holding onto, succumbing, or even at times clenching or clinging to the expectations or attachments. Regardless, an intention is being made when the expectations or attachments become either a tie or bond ,which can also be liberated or freed. Once, the expectations or attachments agreed and/or  disagreed upon usually symbolize or signal an inner hidden need. What intent is behind the expectations or attachments, once the course or motive has been taken? Do the expectations or attachments signify a means to an end for one as to another? Could the intent be a direct force into wanting approval or acknowledgement of its true motive? Does the intent seal or amend what is within its intention as “an eye for an eye”, or ” a tooth for a tooth”, and behold what is truly within its intent only matters as a contract, or, a done deal? What communes the intent’s union within the expectations or attachments or breaks a barrier? Will reverence be a means to the outcome, and not be attached, or to expect anything? Instead, whatever could become expected or attached to the outcome; relax and release it within its own accord. Allow the freedom of its own flow remain open within the vastitude of its course.  Perhaps, upon the moment the expectations or attachments took this course; were they recognized as they are not invincible, but invisible at times reckoning the truth? What happens to the intention ? Does it become forgotten, or, was it an under-minded hidden agenda? Do the expectations or attachments intend on becoming reasons to forever hold onto or control what’s to become the course’s outcome, not ever allowing or setting its own free will? Whatever was intended may no longer serve its purpose, but stunts its growth.  Unless, the expectations become the unexpected and the attachments become detached. The two are nothing more or less than an act which could be willingly surrendered, or suffered through the uncertainty, the unknown, but,can become mindful of the intent behind the expectations or attachments of its outcome. The intent whispers just let them go!