May The Wind Always Carry

by missndc

I sense a consciousness aligning our thoughts, words, feelings and expressions into a global catalyst. Perhaps, I am needing to release it to clear the air and space to heal our hearts, minds and souls. A convention or gathering of like-mindedness being true to our selves and what is yet to unfold. This morning I am needing to be One as I am within this realm to appreciate and connect with this never-ending evolving door.

May the Wind Always Carry

May the wind always carry our unheard whispers

to the unknown space; uprising, through the window of our very own souls

penetrating, bursting, soaring beyond their catalyst

Awaits a mystery; not hesitant to escape what behind its gates

Breathes a Dragon’s fire, flames fuse a spiraling cosmic coil

Boomerangs a jagged spinning wheel; retrograded cosmic third eye

As consciousness lifts, heralds radiant light; pure perfection offers a phenomenal world

Where no man dare seek, no man shall become the owner of his/her very own soul

The wind carries us further beyond our catalyst space