What Do I Write About

by missndc

Okay, on my marks get set only ten minutes to write about anything. Anything, my mind has been awaken to since 2:30 am this morning. I have already spent an almost eight-hour day fulfilling it moment by moment with vitality. The morning ritual always begins with a morning meditation. It creates the turning points of my day and I get to see how well I am paying attention to what it is I am co-creating. There is a BIG vast world and slowly but surely I am beginning to open myself completely trusting it. I look forward to what is unfolding and manifesting into a world I wander and see as perplex at times. Though, I am only seeing the world as I am perceiving it because no one else gets to enter it unless they are invited. Yet, what the Universe does allow for me is to stay open as long as I can to enter into the realm where the work needs to be done and get hopping to it. I believe this is the best part about blogging, it allows me to co-create the world in which is welcoming me to be all I can be and share the love among like-minded others. I have much to be thankful for such indulgence to have such a taste of what its like to be awaken by 2:30 am to be needed by others and to answer their calling by inviting them in and rest find the peace, love, joy and care they are asking. Well, ten minutes are up. Peace!