Blogging 101: Say Your Name

by missndc

Saying my name Nina is quite uplifting and inspiring because I always said my mom picked a great name. It’s sweet, with only four letters and it’s me. When I was growing up and still till this day; people like to ask me its spelling and how it’s pronounced, as in Neena, or Nina with a long I pronounced with a long vowel sound; if I remembered my English grammar correctly. It’s N I N A; I believe I was named after a movie star, Nina Foch. Again most people have asked whether I was named after Nina Simone, whose music I do love, as her rhapsody voice belts out “I’m Feeling Good”. She has clarified each time I hear this particular song how important it is I do feel good about; for example, my name.

I had a few childhood quirky names as well like,” Ninor Beanor “or Nina May pronounced with the long I sound, since someone goofed and announced it incorrectly at a softball game. This made my childhood friends crack jokes and laughter by the mispronunciation, so I became entitled “Nina May; Queen for a Day”. It was cute and funny as well and the name stuck with me; usually when I return to my childhood home, someone is willing to call me Nina( with a long I sound) May. The years have passed ,as I’ve become a grandmother who’s named by her granddaughter’s Nani; which means grandmother in some cultures. Although, I looked it up to see the Italian meaning is a runt. I am no runt, standing at a healthy six-foot one and a half and a little over one hundred seventy pounds. Then, again I like the Hawaiian original meaning which is beauty or beautiful. Ah, much better! I mean I want to like my name and definitely its meaning somewhat realistic as to whom I am. Of course, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which is me. Another reason, why I like my name as I grown wiser I am beginning to see what truly does not define me.Though, it is recognizing the things I do feel beautiful about whether it’s in my name or not; it’s appreciating and being grateful for being present to who is Nina and her life’s purpose.

I like to summarize saying my name has given me more than one reason saying, being uplifting and inspiring. I love the fact, I am a female and my name gives me the chance to explore my femininity. Also, the female who appreciates the little girl as well as her Goddess side. I can be bold, playful, loveable, sorceress, temptress, opening myself to my feminine side as well as my masculine side. But, I am all woman, and I enjoy exploring who I am, being my best friend and sharing my name when it is said or requested. It brings such a graceful air, filling my self-confidence and worthiness, knowing I’ve made a difference to some one else who says my name. I love it, and wherever I am,  with whoever I’m being Nina. I hope whatever I am doing is bringing much joy, peace and love is how I say Nina.