Who Am I and Why Am I here?

by missndc

Who am I and Why am I here? reminds me exactly the very same question I keep asking myself day in and day out. However, asking this question seems to be taking me to a deeper dive into knowing myself. The more I ponder on this question; I am becoming focus, self-assured and open to the many possibilities which could manifest. I am here writing, because it brings my true self out in the open instead of hiding behind the superficial being who has no idea why she is working for a retail corporation except to pay her bills. This is fine temporarily, because I know within my heart that there is a bigger picture and I want to be able to continue manifesting what is to become fulfilled. I believe who I am is the individual who is now listening to her calling and when I say her “calling”. I mean it, by paying attention to what allows my heart to feel good expressing it, and my mind clear with the intention my soul is naturally guiding me wholeheartedly. There is nothing I find more profound than finding the beauty in things uplifting, resonating and soothing for me to be excited, enthused and evolved by loving it. Yes, this is a good thing, because it now brings me to another level knowing who I am and it is giving me great pleasure in getting to observe why I am here. Although, it’s never ending; this will infinitely be a life spanning evolution as to who am I. will always be under the microscope of paying attention to knowing thyself ,and standing firmly on being who I am, with great gratitude for the gift. It’s why I am here is getting to figure it out and I get to do it. I”m taking the grand stand, the attention is on me and I can be as I am the very best. I can present myself as a writer the moment I take pen to paper ,or thoughts to words to feelings to expressing, why I am here is who I am as myself.