Being Grateful

by missndc

This morning I finished a short and brief telecast by” Dream Work Play” who is giving five free writing tips and today’s first was to make a commitment listing five things to be grateful; which there are plenty but I was stumped. I mean I truly have more than five things to list as being grateful. I took a time out from my morning online ritual reading my daily tarot and moving onward to my postings seeing whether my blogs had comments worth considering to respond. I received some good mail which I always read first, then sort the other. I believe I am looking for a miracle or highlighted and bedazzled moment my writings have more followers loving my blogs. I sensed my feelings flowing to a lower energy which my cards depicted this morning from the tarot” The Seven of Cups”, which displayed a beautiful climbing staircase of chalices each containing a different substance within them. The card’s symbolism stirred an emotion within me of my choices I make and why am I  presently where I am making those choices. They are not as though they were good or bad choices; but I feel at a standstill from making them. This brings me to the reasons why I am being grateful.

I am grateful for the like-minded individuals I believe the Universe connects me and others to preserver our being our true self, and for me seems so painstakingly growing. Though, if it would not have been for the telecast this morning maybe I would still be stuck and in the rut I thought I was in momentarily. Instead, it challenged me to consider all the things I could be grateful for and not continue being in a funk. Finally, I removed myself and went on to do something more useful and/or soothing I like to consider for myself. Cooking is something I love to do and I am so grateful to be in a kitchen; I can create and invent my cooking skills. Also, it gives me pleasure to see my family very pleased when my cooking skills outcome remarks sayings” its delicious!”, the comments of oohs and ahs, and returns for second helpings. Furthermore, cooking is a stimulate towards my higher vibrational frequency because it motivates and uplifts me not only benefitting my well-being but my whole surrounding. Another reason why I am grateful, because I am doing something for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as for others, and it helps me feel better. Also, my creativity starts flowing because I have allowed myself to remove or surrender from whatever state beforehand I thought I was in is no longer. Mostly, I am grateful I can write about these sensations and what attributes them.

I am grateful I can start the day asking for guidance to find what attributes towards my life’s purpose journey. I believe most know the quote “ask and you shall receive, ” ; once I started following through on being disciplined and committed to finding my purpose, things started shifting for me. Again, something to be grateful for because I had an “aha” moment in recognizing the shift. I recognized the space given I could create and empower myself ; was the same energy and frequency level created with those wanting to make a difference within themselves and others. It’s the bigger picture I am grateful, because when I stay open to what I am receiving more good comes than what I am was stuck on is no longer needed to pave my way. I can keep going on an on being grateful because one thing has led me to another. I can see the course my pathway is now going. My eyes are open and my heart feels joy releasing a better me being who I am meant to be and can help others pursue the sameness. It’s interesting how I  observed being bogged down comes through my thoughts. The thoughts are what makes a difference within myself and others. When realizing how I was thinking towards myself naturally affects another. My thoughts shall either persist as the good intended for myself as well as others or I can resist and stay stuck until I shift them and ease out of my rut. I definitely recommend finding what makes you being grateful.