Contemplative Thoughts

by missndc

A good day of reflection starts how it’s honored. For instance, an early morning ritual may start as a morning meditation, yoga or getting a few thoughts, words and feelings written before going out into the world. Perhaps, there may be a pause for a moment, wondering what will be in the world and not of it, and a quick prayer asking a spiritual guide’s assistance in being useful throughout the day. Off into the world one goes noting everything and everyone maybe with some curious and contemplative thoughts on what matters to one, may not matter to another. Though, knowing one thing for sure what matters most to one is or is not as important to another. It doesn’t change the fact how one sees their self within their surrounding and what it looks like to them. Whether it’s being within an early morning ritual, capturing a sunrise, watching a flock of geese fly overhead, or commuting to work by bike. It’s the timing and believing with everything and everyone, aligning and getting one’s attention to the reality within their moment, and connecting with their message. A call to a mindful awakening or awareness which enchants or resonates with one’s magical moment. There are no coincidences; everything and everyone has a reason to be where they are meant to be when the moment becomes their ” aha” moment and it crystal clear. A realization one connects, honors and recognizes the many splendors life signs, communicates, blesses us in giving our gifts.