What’s to become of Me

by missndc

What’s to become of me

What’s to become of me

What’s to become of whatever it is my mind is telling my inner knowing

It’s BS and I am not interested anymore

I don’t want to listen to whatever its got to say; what all it wants me to hear is

not worth my peace

I call in my posse; Spirit guides Gods and Goddesses; “Help me please. keep me sane”

I plead mercy for peace to override my misery

I know they hear me praying and calling them out

I’ve received their blessing to walk in the light of freeing my doubts

So why not love me today or any other day

What’s the difference about me today, yesterday and tomorrow

Answer me please

Let me cool off a bit; ease the tempo down a notch

Maybe it’s the heat index making me half crazy

Even the cicadas buzz it’s too damn hot for them too

may be my appearance may look okay but I’m really not because

What’s going on inside shows up outside too.

Let me share what I observe

Looking from the outside in; let me use how I think a suburbia might live; big picket fences

hiding what’s really going on inside those big ole fancy manors called ” home sweet home”, and

isn’t that where one’s heart lives I wonder?

What’s to become of you with your well-kept yard and perfect framed home

when someone decides to throw a stone through its glass window

what would you do

what would I do

what’s becoming of me chastising you

what’s becoming of me not knowing you ,but defining you as me who is judging you

What’s to become of me

What’s to become of me

What’s to become of me