The Art of Passionate Growth

by missndc

When was the last time did you think about what are your passions? I’ve taken a self inventory with this thought; since I came across a book written on this very subject by authors Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood; “The Passion Test”. They made it very simple by giving a test for anyone wanting to discover their passions to help lead them to their life’s purpose. So, I took the test and I am writing a blog which is my first time ever trying to write one. I felt it is time I took the plunge and work on unveiling and seeing what self discoveries and artistic abilities determine my becoming a successful writer. My being a successful writer is not about the monetary rewards. Although, it would be great to reap the rewards after a few attempts to be recognized instead of being rejected for some efforts of my thoughts. This is the point I am accepting and not disappointing myself by letting others responses or not responding to what I am trying to communicate as a writer. It is about me discovering the undeveloped skills that will give me the ability to unleash my heartfelt passions naturally unfolding to success. Yes, the one thing I am discovering and am encouraging myself or anyone else is to take a risk on what you like to do and doing it makes your heart sing. Regardless, if it becomes a masterpiece or not; go ahead and do it and follow it to where it floats you. This I note and advise taking inventory; if it’s not for me or you than why do it? It has to be a 100% bona fide you. This I believe will lead to any success or maybe not by allowing others or even one’s self define success. The beauty is having the ability to refine one’s self and getting to see and know what that one thing is recognized as being not only good for yourself but your whole being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Also,I have discovered it’s an art revealing those passions kept dormant. I have been leaking bits and pieces of them for the past fifty-five years which has had me in a constant whirlwind of repeated lessons. It’s because I was afraid to release my true self regarding and playing it safe among others. Now, I know I cannot any longer be untrue to myself because for my success to flourish I needed to “let go” of the stuff that kept me from being and growing with my passionate self. Everyday I get to renew and rediscover what inspires me passionately to create as a writer,which is a success within its own merit. This is why I question anyone who is reading this blog; When was it the last time you thought about your passions guiding you?